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APRIL 6, 2009
Here's a sturdy, straightforward iron with an internal generator that produces a generous flow of steam. A backlit LCD tells you when it's safe to iron and when it's not, and the automatic shutoff feature is a plus.
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Good Housekeeping

APRIL 2, 2009

For almost $50 less, the Reliable Digital Velocity ($129) is a close second in performance, and it was best at smoothing wrinkles from silk and wool. While it lacks a steam-burst feature, it generates continuous, consistent steam.
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The New York Times

The Steamboy Steam Floor Mop ($99) safely cleans all the floors in the house -- stone, ceramic or sealed hardwood -- without chemicals, according to its manufacturer, Reliable. It begins to steam as soon as it is turned on and runs continuously for 30 minutes before it needs to be refilled with water. The machine has a swivel head that gets under appliances, furniture and into corners, and comes with a replaceable water filter. Information is at (866) 255-2726 or MARIANNE ROHRLICH
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Globe Life Style

For the Boys: Reliable's F5 Pantman pant press
Of course you're the kind of guy who always hangs up your pants, no matter how late it is when you get home. No baggy knees or saggy bottoms for you, the tell-tale sign of trousers that spent the night over the back of a chair. No puckered hanger lines on your best dress pants, the ones that only come out of the back of the closet every six months or so.

Well, you won't have any use then, for the F5 Pantman pant press by Reliable, will you? The creases on your trousers are so razor sharp, those linen pants so wrinkle-free that taking a few moments in the morning to slip both pant legs into the portable Pantman, selecting the appropriate fabric setting on the LED display, and before you've flossed your teeth, you have a perfect crease, would be a completely unnecessary ritual.

But if, in a fit of passion, you might occasionally be tempted to drop your drawers in a heap on the bedroom floor (and God forbid, have to wear them the next day), the F5 Pantman is only $229, available on
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The Debonair Dad: Gifts for Stylish Fathers
Reliable Pantman F5 Pant Press
While the 1970s transformed the housewife with a fetish for ironing into and endangered speices, it didn't make wearing perfectly pressed pants any less satisfying. Pantman's F5 digital pant press will give you that straight-from-the-tailor's look on a daily basis. Take that, Betty Friedan. We'll press our own damn pants. ($229,
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Threads Magazine - Hot Off The Press
Reliable's Empressa Digital Steam Press S500 has more than 10 times the pressing surface of a regular iron. It presses and steams apparel and linens, reducing ironing time by 70 percent. It also makes fusing a snap. The digital control panel allows for professional results on the 34-inch by 11-inch surface. The top surface distributes the heat evenly with 100 pounds of steam per square inch every time you drop the steam head. In addition to the automatic shutoff and childproof safety lock, the press includes a separate pressing cushion, spray and water bottle. ($399.00;

Now What Baby

I am so excited about the Steamboy T1 Steam Floor Mop! It is the very first mop that I actually don't dread using. I'm kind of infatuated with how clean it gets my floors. I hate swiffers because to me - they always seem to push the dirt around the floor. I don't like to use the wring out mop and bucket because, well, it grosses me out. I think it's nasty to keep using that dirty bucket of water on my floor. In my current kitchen I am stuck with white linoleum and it always looks dirty. I ended up cleaning my floors on my hands and knees with a sponge. It was exhausting and took forever (probably explains why my floors hadn't been cleaned in months). Thus enter the new love of my life - the Steamboy!

This mop is amazing. I can actually see the steam rising off my kitchen floors. I know that they are being sanitized. I am still amazed that I don't have to scrub the floors. I just slowly glide the Steamboy across them and they come out incredibly clean. The mop comes with two cloth pads you can just toss in the washer when you are finished cleaning with them. I don't have to deal with a wet mop and dirty pail of water! All I have to do is run the vacuum through my kitchen to get the crumbs and then I the Steamboy does the rest.

This mop is designed to be used on sealed hardwoods, tiled floors or ceramics. It also has a carpet glide that you can use to clean and deodorize your carpets. Check out the video we made as we we tried out the Steamboy. It's hard to see how clean the floors got with this mop but you have my word "My floors have never been cleaner"!
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Home World
Home World – Reliable Unwraps Continuous Steam Iron, Automatic Pants Press. Reliable Corp. professional ironing and fabric-care product manufacturer will unveil a new steam iron that incorporates the company's CSS (continuous steam system) technology at the International Home & Housewares Show.

The CSS system is said to provide a continuous flow of pressurized, dry steam that works steam into the fabric faster, cutting ironing time in half, according to the company. Additionally, the new iron is the first system equipped with an Anti-Calc Warning System that works based on the hardness of the water being used, according to the company. This system alerts users when minerals in the water have built up and might clog the inside of the unit. Specifically, users program the boiler with the level of hardness of water being used (based on the litmus paper supplied), and the system will automatically let them know when it's time to use the supplied de-scaling powder.

The unit has a $349.00 retail price.

Reliable also will introduce the Pantman, which is described as a fresh, modern take on the traditional pants press. Regardless of fabric or style, the end-user loads both pant legs onto the unit, and the pants are pressed automatically in about 15 minutes the company said. Additionally, the press is equipped with an auto shut off to prevent overheating and has an extra wide pressing area to accommodate pants of all shapes and sizes. The press retails for $149.00

Clotilde's Sewing Savvy – Digital Full Steam Ahead
The Digital Velocity Compact Vapor Generator steam iron is the newest iron to consider for your sewing room. Unlike other steam generating irons that require a separate water tank where the steam is generated and then flows through an attached cord, this iron has a built-in tank and only one cord to manage. The tank is easy to fill through a spout with a convenient flip-top opening that stays covered during use. The added weight of this iron makes ironing a breeze and construction pressing and fusing faster and easier.

Because the Velocity generates the steam within the iron itself rather than relying on the soleplate temperature, now you can get the steam you need, even at lower iron temperatures required for synthetic fibers. (With traditional irons, steam is unavailable at lower heat settings.) And since water spurts and spits won't happen, delicate fabrics are safe from water damage. Larger steam holes concentrated at the tip of this iron deliver constant and abundant steam.

And this iron "talks" to you! The Velocity has an acoustic warning device that beeps when the desired temperature is reached, when the auto shut-off safety system is activated and each time you press a selected button. The digital control system features an LCD display that shows the temperature level selected (one of three) and indicates when it is reached. It also shows the amount of steam selected, the auto shut-off indicator, water tank refilling indicator and an anti-scaling system replacement indicator. You know when the steam generator feature is activated – you can hear it and the sound is a reminder to deactivate the steam when you don't need it. The automatic switch off is activated three minutes after the last time it was used. This is one smart iron that is easy to use and offers pressurized, continuous steam – on demand.

To locate a dealer or website that offers the Velocity iron, visit and click on Where to Buy. Reliable Corporation is located in Toronto, Canada 800.268.1649

Floor Care Professional
With dozens of vacuums coming in per week for service, Oakland, CA based Vacuum Services Inc. has really seen it all – from rancid food and beverages to bugs to small furry animals in the units. To clean them out, traditionally vacuum service centers would use wire brushes and scrub brushes – taking hours on end with mediocre results. So a few years ago, owner Bob Burns decided to purchase a steam cleaner to sanitize and sterilize the vacuum coming in for service.

Though a major improvement, the steam cleaners he found weren't robust enough to handle the rigors of the job. So, at this years VDTA show in Las Vegas, Burns was delighted to stumble across Reliable Corporation, a fabric care and steam cleaning manufacturer that has been servicing the steam industry for over 50 years and makes both professional and home products.

Burns decided to purchase two of Reliable's professional steam cleaners – the i700B – to use for his vacuum service department. With up to 70 p.s.i. operating pressure and a large 2.37 gallon water tank, this state-off-the-art machine offers a quick, efficient way of loosening dirt – cutting cleaning time in half – and sterilizing the vacuums insides, including brush strips and other parts so that the unit looks like new.

"We have found to our surprise that our customers feel they are really getting their money's worth when we sanitize their machines," said Burns. "Additionally, it makes for a better work environment for our service people because the steam cleaning kills bugs and germs."

Costing $1,299.00, the affordable i700B delivers professional quality steam and is built with the best commercial grade components available. Designed in Canada and built in Italy to North American standards, the Reliable™ brand steam cleaners bear the cETLus mark of approval for use in North America.

All of Reliable steam cleaners come with a one-year warranty, and three years on the stainless steel tank. Other features include:

Steam gun with round nozzle
Automatic shut-off with low water light indicator
Built-in spare element
Pressure gauge
Blow-down valve for easy cleaning
Uses regular tap water
Up to 70 p.s.i. operating pressure = DRY STEAM

Burns was so impressed with the Reliable unit that he had decided to sell the company's home steam cleaners to his retail customers. Home steam cleaners are a terrific option for those looking for a safe, chemical-free way tot clean their home.

Burns added, "If I could give any recommendations to other service dealers, I recommend getting a steam cleaner and putting a sign on the counter stating that repairs are steam cleaned – it's been a great lead in to retail sales."

Burns is owner of Vacuum Services Inc., which runs and operates two stores in Lake Sew and Vac Center and Vacuum World in El Cerrito.

For more information on Reliable Corporation and their products, go to, or call 1.268.1649

HFN – Reliable Debuts Consumer Iron
NEW YORK – Reliable Corp., a professional ironing and fabric care manufacturer, is crossing over to the retail business with its first iron aimed at the consumer.

The Toronto, based company introduced the Digital Velocity V95 iron, which uses a tool professionals depend on – pressurized, dry steam – for easier ironing and fast results. Initially, the irons will be sold by Hammacher Schlemmer, e-commerce sites like and later other catalog companies and retailers. Reliable is currently negotiating its first infomercial as well.

While today's consumers seem less inclined to iron, thanks to causal-dress offices and busy schedules, Reliable President Robert Kahn sees a niche for his business.
"We believe that those who do iron are looking for better tools to work with," Kahn said. "People are tired of buying disposable products. Nothing we make is a gimmick. Every product has a connection to our heritage of making commercial grade fabric care products. Even our steam cleaners, which we don't make for professional use, are made with stainless steel tanks instead of aluminum so they will last longer than conventional products.

"One of the reasons why North Americans have not followed Europeans in the world of fabric care is because we haven't educated the consumer, and we haven't provided the consumer with real alternatives that are easy to use and familiar looking," Kahn added.

The company manufacturers products for fabric care, sewing and steam cleaning, including steam-station iron systems geared to the ironing enthusiast or home sewer market. Reliable makes a high end-ironing table with a retail price of $155.00. The company just patented an extension table that keeps tablecloths from falling off during ironing, which quilting enthusiasts would also appreciate.

Other products include a home ironing table with vacuum and blowing that aims to replicate a professional cleaning, for a manufacturers suggested retail price of $425.00, and a Digital Steam Press "for those who simply refuse to use an iron". Suggested retail is $300.00. – Jennifer White

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting – Longboard Ironing Table
This heavy-duty ironing board from Reliable Corporation features a removable extension unit which fits atop its standard tapered end, transforming it into an ideal pressing surface for quilt tops and large pieces of fabric. It has a support tray to hold a stand-alone iron or steam station. Retail price $249.00

Threads – Digital Velocity Iron
If you've hesitated to purchase a steam-generator ironing and pressing system because it's expensive and bulky, the Reliable Corporation has a new option – an iron with a built-in pressurized steam generator. The Digital Velocity V95 Compact Vapor Generator contains two heating elements: one to provide hot, drip-less steam and the other to control the temperature of the soleplate. Thus, the iron can deliver a strong burst of steam even at low soleplate temperatures, with no risk of water spitting or dribbling. An LCD panel displays the iron's heat setting, indicates when that setting has been reached, reminds you to refill the water tank, and tells you when to replace the anti-scaling system. With the convenience of a conventional iron, you get the pressing results of a steam generator. ($129.00 – - 800.268.1649)