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5 Reasons to Love Ironing


Well pressed = well dressed
A well-ironed shirt means you care about the details. Details make a difference. The details get you noticed. With the best tools available, you take pride in doing things yourself – like preparing a memorable meal or creating the perfect garden. Ironing your own clothes shows that same pride. Remember, how you wear your clothes is just as important as what you wear.


Clothes have feelings, too
Well, maybe not feelings, but they'll definitely let you know when they've been mistreated.

Sending your cherished clothes to most dry-cleaners often gives you average results: shine, shrunken collars and broken buttons. Doing it yourself at home with the new style, pressurized steam irons and specialty ironing tables will give you professional quality results.

Whether it's your favourite gingham shirt or that custom silk blouse from a trip abroad, your clothes will look better and last longer, without the added cost.


Save save save
Laundering and ironing clothes at home won't save the planet but it will reduce the use of energy and exposure to harmful chemicals like Perclorethylene – the traditional agent used in dry cleaning, now banned in many areas.

Most of your clothes can be laundered at home with excellent results using an energy-efficient front-load washing machine, then finished with a pressurized steam iron and vacuum/blowing ironing table.

For garments that must be 'dry' cleaned, we recommend one of the new 'wet' cleaning processes that use 100% water instead of chemicals like "Perc." It costs a bit more, but aren't your family and the environment worth it?

Save money. Save energy. And help save the planet.


Zen & the art of ironing
The kids are asleep. Your home phone, cell phone and hand-held devices are turned off: Peace and quiet. You may not want to talk to anyone else today, but you do want to get something done in this perfect state of calm.

Enter ironing. Many people swear by its meditative qualities: the repetitive movement of the iron; the hiss of steam; the disappearance of wrinkles – one by one.

If that's too quiet, listen to some great music while you treat your clothes to a steam – generated by a premium Reliable iron – or turn on the TV for company. Before you know it, a pile of wrinkled laundry turns into a crisp, clean wardrobe for the week ahead.

And you... are as refreshed as your clothes.


A little bit of Europe in the palm of your hand
For years the world has been graced with high fashion from the houses of Armani, Versace and Chanel. With high fashion came a need for systems to care for these exceptional clothes, so it comes as no surprise that Europeans invented ironing.

High fashion aside, these world-renown fashionistas embrace quality and style in their everyday tools, so naturally there is no substitute for the sleek, efficient, European-designed Reliable home ironing systems.

Reliable products are designed with the same care and attention to detail as a fine wine, a delicate pain au chocolat or a sleek, well-tuned car.

Reliable brand products are now available at select North American retailers.

Designer wardrobe not required.