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No spitting!
No leaking!
No kidding!
The Reliable Velocity Series Irons

Two heating elements. Internal heating chamber pre-heats the water before it reaches the heated soleplate. Ensures continuous steam even at low temperatures.

Steam Ready allows the user to iron continuously without the auto shut off feature.

Steam Release
Built in steam sensor responds to user touch on the handle. Steam is activated when holding handle and stops when it is no longer touched.

Anodized Aluminum soleplate enhances glide on all types of fabric. Inner Magnesium plate increases durability/strength yet weighs less than other metals.

The V200 has received the coveted Woolmark Approved status, confirming it’s safe use on all types of delicate wool fabric.

Temperature indication with easy to read and set display dial.

360º swivel cord makes left and right hand pressing easy as well as increases maneuverability while in use.

Streamlined new design is both stable and reduces wrist strain with ergonomic weight distribution.

Steam stops when user stops holding the handle of the iron. This reduces water usage and the number of times the tank needs refilling during use.



The new Sensor Velocity will not spit or leak and removes wrinkles like a professional iron. The latest addition to the Reliable ‘pro-for-home’ line up integrates leading edge sole plate technology. Built in steam sensor responds to user touch producing continuous volumes of steam when desired. That’s the new V200.


With its patented two heating element design, the V200 won’t let you down. The Steam Ready feature can bypass the auto-shut off so it’s ready to work when you are. The hard Anodized Aluminum soleplate enhances glide on all types of fabric, is scratch resistant and stronger than aluminum alone. An inner plate of Magnesium increases strength yet weighs less than other metals. Steam sensor responds to user touch for full control of the steam process.


• Built-in anti-scale cartridge
• 8 minute auto shut-off
• Steam Ready (bypasses auto shut off)
• 1800W heating element
• 1.25 cups (300 ml) water capacity
• Anodized Aluminum soleplate

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Comment by Elizabeth Smith - April 03 2013 @ 05:37 AM

Great steam and the sensor for the steam on the handle is really fun. The iron glides really well. it feels heavier than my other iron...okay for me but just want to put that out there.

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Comment by JOANNE FLITTON - DECEMBER 11 2012 @ 10:37 AM

Best iron I have ever owned! LOVE IT!!! I have a sewing/doll business and have used lots of different brands over the years and this is by far the BEST there is!!!

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Comment by MADAME SAMM - NOVEMBER 19 2012 @ 03:25 PM

Since I was introduced to Reliable last summer, my Velocity iron has proven to be a work horse. I actually love to iron and being a quilter, it gets useI daily. I thought NO WAY could you improve on a classic.... UNTIL your new sleek model, SENSOR. Ok, first the colour, design is out of the park lovely...the ease to operate, turn it on, add filtered water and steam is there within seconds....I crumpled up a fat quarter of 100% quilted cotton, and within a minute, the wrinkles vanished. It is still heavy, ( which I love) and it glides like butter across a hot pan. I love that it has a large reservoir, pretty cool, or actually HOT. I now can have both irons at 2 different stations....I am thrilled to bits....I will never ever think of another brand, YOU all are soooo reliable...thank you...

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Comment by JANET MERDAN - NOVEMBER 09 2012 @ 12:50 PM

This review is better late then not at all. I had heard about the Reliable and decided to order one in hopes that all the praises I had heard were true, unlike about other irons. I absolutely loved my Reliable until a couple of months after the warranty ran out and my iron stopped heating. I contacted "Reliable Corp" about my problem and couldn't believe when they said they would honor the warranty and to return the iron and they would fix it. There was no charge!. Unlike a friend of mine owning another top brand and the iron went out and they told her "too bad". CONGRATULATION! RELIABLE YOU ARE THE BEST IN PRODUCT AND SERVICE. THANK-YOU! I have been sewing and ironing(family of 8) and have never owned or used a better iron. Well worth the cost.

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